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Note: Watching streams at work is part of the job

Working at Wehype

Passion is what we are looking for. Be the one engineering a product that enables the most talented gamers in the world to do what they love the most.

Meanwhile, enjoy flexible working hours, premium work gear, wellness grant, breakfast, company activities and more.


"Hi, Emil here! 

I’m CTO at Wehype, father of a 2 year old and the best at SSBU in the office.
A regular day for me starts between 08-09 with breakfast together with the risers, the others usually join us at 10 for the daily standup. It’s a lot of coding every day mixed with meetings, business development and some gaming during the breaks.

When I’m not at the office I’m learning to become a master of renovations. Me and my family recently bought a house and as everyone always says, but no one is ever listening: it is a lot more work than you think. You do get to buy a lot of cool tools though."


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"It's fun being a part of a team that's pioneering something new because it means you get to code new stuff, like our internal platforms, API, data services, etc. 

However, from time to time, it could mean pretending to be a magician and helping the sales team to crunch some numbers in a spreadsheet.
In time, though, the purpose of that spreadsheet could grow into a proper tool as an essential part of the whole Wehype ecosystem.

It is exciting to be a part of startup-ish process like that because it makes what we do have an impact, not just on the company - helping the guys that are literally across the room with their everyday work and not just picking another issue from the backlog is really rewarding. 

That, and being the office Super Smash Bros. Champion."



"What I like the most about working at Wehype is that you quickly can make a difference. Short decision times and quick releases allow us to instantly bring value to the company. My favorite game is Path of Exile where I can mindlessly grind away slaying monsters for hours. I really enjoy the ARPG genre and played ALOT of Diablo II back in the days."


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